tisdag 10 juni 2008

Package and irises

So, the package arrived today, the reciever told me. Now we all know it takes a week for a paper box to travel from Sweden to Italy. No chocolate sauce, only crumbles from the cookies I enclosed. That ended well.

Another thing going to it's end are the blooming of my irises. The last one to bloom opened today and showed all of it's magnificent colours. Waiting for the flowers to open have sort of being like Christmas. I have had things to look forward to for almost two hole weeks. As I literally have irises all over my tiny piece of earth I try to call my garden (working at Norrvikens Trädgårdar have redefined the word "garden" for me a bit), they have bloomed at different times. The ones directly in the sun was first, and the last ones stood in shade or on the north side of our house.

Well, now to the result.

This was first to bloom, the one we stole in Lomma. I am getting spoiled, I actually liked the colours more before. The colours of the buds when caught in the sun were great though.

This was the great disappointment of this year. It was the one I bought for half the original price in Lund last spring. I was supposed to be Iris germanica 'Aubade' with white petals decorated with a violet-blue outer lining. Clearly, it was some other kind. Still beautiful, but I really wanted the white and blue colour combination. This colour combination I have already...

... As you clearly can see in this picture. This is the one I stole on Öland. Same colours but not as strong.

The Iris sibirica given to me by Mrs Emerson turned out this beautiful...

...almost as beautiful as this one that was bought and planted in the autumn of 2007. I found the note that I made after planting them, and this one is called 'Blue Horizon'. Good name, lovely iris.

The one I stole outside our friend Mattias' house was also light blue. I really liked the colour of this one. It is planted just outside the window I am writing beside, so I can see the remaining flowers while writing this. I did good stealing this!

And there even was a bonus iris I didn't expect to bloom. A pretty in pink and purple. It was the only one to bloom for me last year as I moved all of them right before they set buds. But it still manage to bloom then as well as now. Thank you!

Slightly overbloomed black iris. The standings are dark violet and the rest are black.

As to further waiting, I got to see the black iris I have waited forever to see. NOT in my own garden though, but in Mrs Emerson's. I left some iris bulbs for her as I moved the main part of my collection when I finally got a garden of my own. She was nice enough to let me store my irises in her garden while we lived in an appartment, so I left some bulbs as a thank you or maybe rent. And now the black one flowers there but not here...

It is really itching in my fingers to write another historic article here. I have only written small and light subjected articles for a while. I'm just torn between languages right now, as I like that everyone can understand but I love to write in Swedish. What to do?! Write a comment and let me know!

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