söndag 14 juni 2009

Iris update 2009

As it seems as if all my irises that are supposed to boom either blooms or have been blooming, I can make my annual report! And as I have international readers that follows my iris gardening skills, I better make this in English. (Can't any of you people surfing in here from that russian website tell me what you report about?!)

First out to bloom was of course my Iris sibirica, lovely as ever.

Purple iris above, NOT 'Aubade' at the bottom.

Old variety of iris from Öland.

Then the ones I told you about last year, the purple one I stole in Lomma, the Iris germanica NOT 'Aubade' and the old one I stole at our neighbours on Öland. Pity it seems as if I didn't get the black iris with me from the space at Mr Emerson's mum's, where I stored the irises a winter a few years ago. Because I keep getting purple flowers everywhere. Or the purple one just over grew the black one. Either way, I will dig a pit of the purple one up, and plant another one just beside it (I am already getting excited about the new iris I am going to buy for myself! Don't tell Mr Emerson, he's convinced the garden is full and can't take more plants.) So, any one up for a purple iris (Markus?)?!

Now for some new exciting irises I haven't seen bloom before!

Iris germanica 'Exotic Isle'

Iris germanica 'Tomorrow's Child' - My new favourite!

Iris germanica 'Provençal' - with a hint of chocolate in it's scent!

Iris germanica 'Loop the loop' - Which I bought just because I really wanted an iris with a blue outer lining, as I was so dissapointed with the one that was not 'Aubade' last year.

This year's surprise - light pink!

I'll end with some stolen favourites, of which you at least have seen two of last year. New this year was the light pink one. And no, I don't remember where I stole that one, or the lilac-pink one. The blue one I stole outside our friend Mattias house when he lived at Blåsbackegatan, here in Halmstad.

I promise, this looks way more pink irl!

Iris germanica 'Blåsbackegatan' - Hahahaha!!!

Next year I am hoping my Iris germanica 'Dazzling Gold' will bloom, because I am longing for a colourful yellow iris to enter the stage here at home! Greetings until then!