lördag 10 maj 2008

Olive oil - the proper kind

Since I was in Spain in 2002 and went to olive oil tastings, I have been rather picky about what kind of olive oil I use. This is fully supported by Mr Emerson as he is the one that really knows how to cook and usually cooks at home.

As you might remember from my Christmas blog, my sister gave us a bottle of olive oil. We loved it and so wondered where she got it from, especially as Nic was quick to tell me you could by that brand at her local Coop-grocery store. (Yes, they have Coop in Italy too, I know, I've been to one there!) This is the label from our bottle at home:

Grappolini olive oil!

As we were running out of real and good olive oil at home, we were so happily surprised to see this:

A whole shelf devoted to Grappolini at the olive oil section (and yes, peolple thought I was mad when I took photos inside a grocery store!)

It seems that our closest grocery store, after their renovation, now can supply us with all kinds of olive oil from the Grappolini-family. Joy!

And now a simple receipe for us who are enjoying the mediterranean weather we are blessed with in Sweden this week:
Rub a piece of toast with garlic.
Pour some GOOD olive oil on.
Add sliced tomatoes and season with salt after taste.
Enjoy in the sun!

2 kommentarer:

Victoria Ahlberg sa...

haha - jag förstår att fotograferingen i affären bemöttes av undran...

för mig som inte har någon olivoljefetisch vore det kul att veta vad som egentligen utgör smaksensationen. jag tycker mest att det smakar oljigt liksom.

Lucy Honeychurch sa...

Tja, vad gör att olivolja smakar oliv och inte raps... Det är en lätt doft som bara olivolja har. Sedan är olivoljan lite tjockare till konsistensen, har gröngul färg och ska faktiskt ge en förhöjd smak i sallader och på bröd. I alla fall i jämförelse med tex rapsolja.

Du får ha en liten provsmakning hemma, Vicky!